Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask Market

Apr. 21, 2021

The global and Chinese turnover of the stainless steel vacuum flask market was approximately US$4.1 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach US$5.6 billion by 2025. We expect a compound annual growth rate of 4.12% for global and Chinese turnover in 2019-2025. At present, the main production area of stainless steel vacuum flasks in the world is China. In 2018, China has the world's largest stainless steel vacuum flask manufacturing and export area, accounting for about 65% of the production of stainless steel vacuum flasks. China's existing stainless steel vacuum flask manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Yongkang and Wuyi in Zhejiang and Chao'an, Jieyang and Xinhui in Guangdong. China has become a major producer and exporter of stainless steel vacuum flasks in the world, and it is also the market with the highest consumption level of stainless steel vacuum flasks in the world.

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